Thursday, March 16, 2017

Redemption and Soccer

Soccer season has begun and Maddie is so excited to be playing on a tournament soccer team as well as her regular recreation team.  We traveled to Houma for the first tournament of the season.  I was not excited about making such a long drive for a kids soccer game and my friends and acquaintances look at me a little funny when I tell them where I am going - "That long drive for 9 year old soccer?"  And through my tiredness, in my head I say the same thing.  It wasn't until the first game that I am reminded why I go and what I am watching is so much bigger than 9 year old soccer. 

So let's discuss the game stats first.  The first game we played we won 5-0, Maddie scored 2 of the 5 points.  The second game we also won 3-1 and she scored 2 of the 3 points.  So out of the 8 total points we scored as a team - Maddie is responsible for half of them.  The final game for the championship was cancelled due to rain and boy was she disappointed.

So back to the purpose of the post, which is not to talk about points scored or games won - which for a sports fanatic like me is what I thrive on.  Since Maddie began playing soccer it was amazingly evident that she had a gift for the sport and if you read my blog on a regular you have probably seen a post or two about her accomplishments on the soccer field.  When talking to friends and people in the community that ask about Maddie, the topic of soccer and her athletic ability often come up and I find myself bragging and championing her abilities.  But what I realized this weekend watching her is that its not about the sport or the wins......  Its about Redemption.  That God took this FRAIL little girl (and I mean frail) and turned her in to a BEAST of an athlete - gave her talent beyond measure.  When I watch her score each goal - I cheer (LOUDLY) and I know I am witnessing the Redemptive Power of a Mighty GOD played out on a 9 year old soccer field.  Beauty from Ashes!

So when you hear me brag or holler like a crazy person or jump up and down on the soccer field watching her know that my story is much bigger than what appears to be happening on that field. Plucked from obscurity to be a champion - given a gift and talent to help her overcome insecurities.  A mechanism to propel her once again from unknown to known.  A true "underdog" story!

I cannot express how humbled I am to be witnessing her life and GOD's amazing plan for it.


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