Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is traditionally where we, as mothers, get a day to be pampered and recognized by our children and family for the job we do as MOTHERS.   My perspective is different.  Mother's Day for me is a recognition and celebration of those that came into my life and made me a mother.  Those 4 beautiful blessings that GOD so deemed me worthy to mother, nurture and love in this world as my own.  And my children are quite amazing if I may so myself.  I have a special relationship with each one that is different from the others - unique and beautiful in their own way.  Their being, their mere existence is what makes my life worth living. They bring the joy into my life each day, and as the BIGS are grown and gone from my home and not with me every day - my joy does not diminish, as I get joy from seeing their successes as independent adults.  Being a mother is not work for me....  it never has been.  Being a mother to my 4 amazing children + 1 (Lilly) is an honor and has been easy and fun and it still is.  The abundance of life, as my own mother would say.

Each mother's day, I always speak of the 2 mothers in China that are without their "joy" today and every day.  I pray that they are comforted and have peace with the knowledge that their beautiful, strong, and gifted girls are safe, healthy and LOVED beyond measure.  One day may we know their names and see their faces.... (in this life or in heaven) we can hope and pray.  May they each know how eternally grateful I am for the privilege bestowed upon me in being Maddie and Mia's mother.  Its a honor I do not take lightly as I can only imagine the sacrifice they made for their girls to have a better life and the void I know they must live with.

Happy Mother's Day!

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